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"Why does Save Down Syndrome always put the word 'disabilities' in quotations?"

When you use this word to refer to someone's mental and/or physical difference from what is considered "normal," you are saying that their difference makes them incapable. People with "disabilities" are not incapable, the world is just structured for people who are considered "abled" to succeed, and that is how the word was born. Not too long ago, the world was only structured for wealthy, heterosexual, men with white skin of European decent to succeed. Through the centuries, we have realized this error, and we have tried/are still trying to change our world, so that those who don't have much money, are LGBT+, are women, and/or have dark skin (and/or are of Asian decent) can succeed as well. For example, just like skin colors are just the different colors of skin that a person can be born with, mental and physical "disabilities" are just different types of brains and bodies people can be born with. "Disabilities" is the word that most people with "disabilities" prefer when referring to their mental and/or physical aspect that is different from what is considered "normal," because we don't have a better word. We're always looking for a better word, so if you think of one, contact us!

"Why does Save Down Syndrome always put the word "normal" in quotations?"

Before you read the next sentence, read the answer and question immediately above. Now that you've read it, you might know where we're going with this answer. The concept of "normal" has three problems: how we define it, how we view someone being different from it, and what "normal" is based on. Normal is defined as "conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected." Sometimes this can be a good thing, such as comparing a heart rate to a "usual, typical, or expected" heart rate in order to diagnose a life threatening condition. This type of normal equates the different heart rate as bad, which when applied to people, is a bad thing. "Normal" is also defined as "conforming to a standard," or changing yourself/ pretending to change yourself to fit what the most powerful people in society have deemed socially acceptable and/or popular in order to not be thought of as different, either because they do not want the connotation of being different applied to them, or they would not succeed in life if they had the connotation of being different from that specific "normality." Being different has the connotation of being bad, wrong, or angrily defiant. People who do not change themselves/ pretend to change themselves to fit what the most powerful people in society have deemed socially acceptable and/or popular are usually considered bad, wrong, or angrily defiant, when really they are just themselves. "Normal" isn't just determined by what the most powerful people in society deem socially acceptable and/or popular; it is also determined by your nation, town, social group, family, and you. "Normal" isn't always defined correctly depending on what it's applied to, being different has a bad connotation, and "normal" isn't the same for every single person. 

"Where can I buy a shirt?"

Visit our merchandise page, and when you see a picture of a shirt you would like, click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can purchase it. If you would like to see all of our merchandise, scroll down on our merchandise page until you see a black box that says "more merchandise." If you click on that box, you will be taken to a page with all of our merchandise. Click here to visit our merchandise page.

Where can I apply to be an ambassador?

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"What is Down syndrome?"

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Are there any financial requirements to becoming an ambassador?

Nope! Being an ambassador is completely free. Ambassadors are given the option to purchase a shirt to wear in their official announcement post, but are not required to make the purchase.