Project Elskað was started by our ambassador, Hailey Alexander, in response to the 100% abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome after a prenatal diagnosis in Iceland. In May, Hailey is going to visit Iceland to establish a relationship with the people there. The goal of the project is to eventually establish a pregnancy and resource center for people who learn that their baby has Down syndrome before they are born or after they are born. Listen to the video below for more information (CC will be available soon).

A message from Hailey Alexander:

As many of you know, I am going to Iceland in May to establish a relationship with the people of Iceland that will shed a light on the value of children and adults with Down syndrome. I want you to be a part of my time in Iceland, and have been pouring over ways to bring people with Down syndrome with me. The best way to do this is to bring pieces of your hearts with me by making a craft, taking a picture, and nestling down into my suitcase.

I would like to bring cork coasters designed by you if you have Down syndrome, or your child or sibling with Down syndrome, accompanied by a picture of you/them holding their finished coaster. This is something that the Icelandic people can use, while also subtly reminding them of the beauty found in Down syndrome. To tie in Down syndrome, I am asking that you incorporate the “Lucky Few Tattoo,” started by Heather Avis, somewhere on the coaster, and use white, blue, and/or yellow for the paint color.

My heart behind the project is that people in Iceland have a physical object made by a person with Down syndrome. It is a simple gift that puts a face to a “title,” making people with Down syndrome real to the people of Iceland.

Image from “Make Your Own DIY Coasters” by Shalini for Decozilla

Image from “Make Your Own DIY Coasters” by Shalini for Decozilla


What You Need:

  • Cork Coasters

  • Paint Pen (White, Blue, and/or Yellow)

  • Camera or Phone with a Camera

Step 1: Take your coaster, and draw on it with your paint pen. Don’t forget to incorporate the “Lucky Few Tattoo” somewhere in your masterpiece!

Step 2: Sit your coaster out to dry.

Step 3: Once your coaster is dry, sign your name on the back of your coaster!

Step 4: Take a selfie with your coaster, or have someone take a picture of you with your coaster!

Step 5: Mail your coaster and your picture to the address below!

Hailey Alexander

923 East Hillcrest Drive

Johnson City, TN 37604



Save Down Syndrome is not supporting Project Elskað financially- we are spreading the news of the project, and we will be providing Hailey with printed flyers, brochures, etc. to use to educate the people of Iceland about Down syndrome. We would like to let people know that while Hailey is adding a religious aspect to the project, that does not mean that we are affiliated with her religion (we are not affiliated with any religion as our only goal is to save Down syndrome).