Our movement is global, but we cannot be everywhere at once. Ambassadors solve that problem by spreading our movement through the world in their every day lives! Ambassadors choose their own level of involvement. Some are very busy with their own efforts in the movement, while others help with day to day tasks, manage programs, and start their own projects. Becoming an ambassador is free, and ambassadors are not required to make donations. If you are already involved in the movement to save Down syndrome, or you would like to get involved, apply below.




Our partner organizations all share the belief that people with Down syndrome can be just as intelligent and capable as people without any disabilities can be. It is difficult to find organizations that share that common belief. Some places claim to help people with Down syndrome, but believe that people with Down syndrome are unintelligent and incapable, providing them with unhelpful information and pointless activities. When people see that your organization has partnered with us, they know that you believe people with Down syndrome can be just as intelligent and capable as people without any disabilities can be. If you would like to partner with us, apply below.




Most of the information we have about Down syndrome is based on people with Down syndrome who have been severely impacted by the discrimination and mistreatment of people with Down syndrome world wide. For example, it used to be considered a fact that people with Down syndrome only lived until about age 25. Today, people with Down syndrome have the same life span as those without any disability. The reason for this? People started treating people with Down syndrome better. Another example is that it used to be a fact that Down syndrome caused people with it to have flat heads. In reality, due to low muscle tone, babies with Down syndrome spent more time on their backs than babies without Down syndrome, resulting in a flat head. Today, we prevent this with helmets and physical therapy. We want to compile a database of information about Down syndrome that has not been influenced by discrimination and mistreatment. If you would like to perform a study that has already been done to double check current facts, or to perform your own study, let us know! While we are currently in the process of becoming an official nonprofit, we are not accepting donations at this time. When we do begin accepting donations, all research will be funded through donations, and posted on our website with free public access. Researchers will all be credited for their research. In the meantime, if you would like to conduct research without any funds, please apply below.




 If you have a story to tell, or something on your mind, share it with the world on our blog! Blog posts are advertised on our social media outlets, and also posted on The Mighty, a popular blogging network. We only accept entries relating to Down syndrome, and prefer entries about Down syndrome in general or someone specific with Down syndrome. While the experiences of family and friends of people with Down syndrome are very important, our focus is not on the experiences of family members and friends, but rather people with Down syndrome. We are here to lift up the voices of people with Down syndrome, not overpower them with our advocacy. If you would like to write for our blog, or you have an article previously published that you would like for us to feature, please fill out the form below.